2013-04-26: Some major updates. All the galleries have been updated and I have added some information about myself ( "info" ). The information is in Swedish only ( ! ).

2013-04-26: Updated Illustration gallery. Cleaning out some old stuff. Going to take care of the Concept gallery as well.

2013-04-25: So I've done a few changes. It's now possible to click on wordpress, tumblr and twitter and get directly to my page over there. If you click on the schizoart logo you will get back to this page.
There's also 12 new pictures in the work gallery. These were made for a game called "This is Pulp". Changed the layout on that page as well and will see if it's something I will do on all pages.
The wordpress blog is a new addition. I'm working on a webcomic over there, so be sure to check that out as well.

2013-02-20: I've been busy with a few jobs and haven't been able to look into the page that much. Keeping an eye on tumblr always keep you up to date what's happening. Maybe a new book is in the making soon as well. Putting up some pictures from a boardgame where I did the illustrations/design and layout ( work page ). New illustration on an Orc ( illustration page ). Going to put up a lot of characters soon as well, a job I did to a pen and paper RPG called "This is Pulp".

2012-08-13: Pretty big update. You can now look at all the pictures in the Concept Gallery. Also two new pictures in Illustration Gallery, Chaos Warrior and Zombie ( located bottom left corner ).

2012-06-13: Got the Twitter widget running on the side.

2012-06-02: Work and Illustration gallery is up. Concept is partly up, waiting for clearence on some pictures.